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  • Patron’s Message

    Patron’s Message

    ​Good morning on this sunny day ‘Nature lovers’. My name Gai Cullen, am an avid permaculturalist living on the newly formed Swara Plains Conservancy on my organically certified smallholding ‘NURISHA’ and have lived off the grid now for 22 years. Using Solar, biogas and wind turbines. All challenging to say the least, especially farming on…

  • Importance of Permaculture

    Importance of Permaculture

    IMPORTANCE OF PERMACULTURE In these changing times food security is becoming an issue.  When you practice Permaculture “permanent Agriculture” you are trained to keep an feed the soil as a living organism. Consider the lay of the land to hold water within and not let it run off. Taught Organic pesticides options. Inter cropping to…

  • Visit to Nurisha

    Visit to Nurisha

    We arrived at the farm starting 9am. Upon arrival, we were treated to a delicious tea spread. The mandazis were a definite hit! The official programme for the day began with the Annual General Meeting for KHS – Machakos. After dispensing with the AGM, our Nurisha learning experience commenced. As an introduction of our tour…

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