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​Good morning on this sunny day ‘Nature lovers’. My name Gai Cullen, am an avid permaculturalist living on the newly formed Swara Plains Conservancy on my organically certified smallholding ‘NURISHA’ and have lived off the grid now for 22 years. Using Solar, biogas and wind turbines. All challenging to say the least, especially farming on ‘rocks’.Kenya born I come from a long lineage of English Herbalists and have a driving urge for indigenous herbal knowledge.I believe firmly pigs should till the land before planting crops. Have a passion for soil biology and holding water in the land.We use no pesticides or chemicals on the land. Bleach is not allowed and all used water goes through a wetland where it is filtered and cleaned and then into a dam for the wildlife.My hope is that we can all pool our knowledge and help make Kenyans food secure in these uncertain times! Mitigate climate change, store carbon, by the three permaculture principal principals, Earth care, care of all creatures and fair share.






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