Importance of Permaculture


In these changing times food security is becoming an issue.  When you practice Permaculture “permanent Agriculture” you are trained to keep an feed the soil as a living organism. Consider the lay of the land to hold water within and not let it run off.

Taught Organic pesticides options. Inter cropping to mitigate insects. One is taught to integrate animals into the system, how to feed then cheaply and utilize their waste to build soils.

After all don’t you want to know where your food comes from. It’s so satisfying when you live and understand nature in these changing times.



Nurisha Farm noticing the mounting costs of animal feeds has during this last year invested in alternatives to cut costs like

Maggots – to feed chickens.

Lucerne – to feed all the animals.

Azolla – to feed fish, chickens and rabbits.

Black Solider fly – to feed pigs, chickens, ducks

Then with our Hydroponics and earthworms we only now have to purchase some maize bran. Please visit to see.

To visit the farm bookings taken for open days at shs: 2,000:00 per person.







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  1. Ricky Avatar

    I am in Lodwar, Turkana county and I need a solution start keeping 50 goats.

    1. Nurisha Farm Avatar
      Nurisha Farm

      Hi, please call us tel:+254 790 248 037

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